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The Gizmoot Frequently Asked Questions page might provide a quick answer to your questions ...

Why is the App called Gizmoot ?
The App acts as a remote control for a WiFi network. We combined the words gizmo and remote to make Gizmote, and then in the fun spirit of the internet changed the ending to result in Gizmoot.

What is UPnP ?
Universal Plug and Play is an open network protocol which allows devices such as media server, NAS, STB, TV or network speaker to be discovered and controlled by Gizmoot (or another brand of control point). Each UPnP device offers 1 or more services to other devices so that one device can command another device to perform an action e.g. play a music file. UPnP AV defines the devices and service for browsing and playing music, movie and photo files over a domestic WiFi network.

What is DLNA ?
The Digital Living Network Alliance is a consortium of manufacturers who have enhanced the UPnP AV protocol to include new device types and media file profiles. Any device marked as being DLNA compliant uses the UPnP AV protocols and should work with Gizmoot. Please be aware that different interpretations of the UPnP AV protocol and software bugs in the firmware of devices may cause the device not to function correctly with Gizmoot. Please check the list of devices known to work with Gizmoot to avoid disappointment.

What is a UPnP AV MediaServer ?
A media server is a device or software running on your computer that stores media (music/movie/photo) files, allows Gizmoot to browse the media files, and streams media files to a UPnP AV MediaRenderer.

What is a UPnP AV MediaRenderer ?
A media renderer is a player device (TV, STB, network speaker) or software running on your computer that plays media (music/movie/photo) files streamed from a UPnP AV MediaServer. A device or software running on your computer may act as both a media server and a media renderer.

What is a DMP ?
DLNA Digital Media Player, which is a device that acts as MediaRenderer and also allows you to browse and play media files. Many DLNA certified televisions are DMPs. A DMP might allow Gizmoot to control it, or it might not. If the your DMP doesn't appear in the list of devices in the Gizmoot control screen then it probably will not allow Gizmoot to control it.

What is a DMR ?
DLNA Digital Media Renderer, same as a UPnP AV MediaRenderer, which means that Gizmoot can ask it to play media files and adjust the volume.

What is a DMS ?
DLNA Digital Media Server, same as a UPnP AV MediaServer, which means that Gizmoot can browse its media files.

Why does it take so long for my devices to appear on the Gizmoot screens ?
When Gizmoot starts it sends out SSDP discovery messages over the WiFi network. When and if the devices respond, Gizmoot then queries their capabilities. This can take up to 30 seconds. If large numbers of devices are available then the discovery process can take longer still.

Why does Gizmoot work intermittently ?
Gizmoot will work only as well as your WiFi network. If the WiFi signal is weak or there is a problm with your WiFi router then Gizmoot will struggle.

Why does Gizmoot sometimes appear to stop working ?
Gizmoot will send one command at a time to a particular device, and will wait up to 10 seconds for the device to respond that it has performed the action. If the device takes a long time to repond then Gizmoot will be left waiting.

How can I test for network problems ?
You can check if you have a network connection by looking for the WiFi symbol in the status bar located at the top of the smart phone/tablet screen. Inside the settings screens the IP configuration of your device is shown. The SSDPTester App can be used to check the discovery of devices on your network.

Why does my LaCie La Cinema appear in both the Browse Screen and the Control Screen ?
The LaCie La Cinema Classic acts as both a media server and a media renderer. You can browse the media files on the La Cinema and play one of them on the La Cinema, or on a different renderer on your network. The same applies to XBMC, and other devices/software that act as a combined media server and media renderer.

Why doesn't my AVI movie play ?
The media renderer you have chosen to play the AVI file might not support the AVI format. Gizmoot tried to determine if the media renderer can play the format and disable the device in the list. One solution is to convert the movie file into a different format that the media renderer can display.

Why doesn't my photo file play ?
Some media players can take a long time (10 seconds) to display a large JPEG photo. If you have the Gizmoot slideshow switched on with an interval shorter than the time it takes to display each photo then you will not see much displayed. Some devices are not able to display photos i.e. they happily accept the commands from Gizmoot and do nothing ...

How can I easily set the meta data for my photos ?
Try to download photos from your camera after each event (e.g. holiday) so that you can enter a location, date, description for the whole group of photos if your downloading software allows it.

How can I see cover art images for my music in Gizmoot ?
The cover art images are embedded inside mp3 and wma files as ID3 tags. Many UPnP media servers will detect these cover art images and allow Gizmoot to download for display in the control screen. Hence you must edit the ID3 tags of your music files with an ID3 editor.

Is it possible to use 2 media servers on the same computer ?
If 2 media server applications (e.g. uShare and MediaTomb) are run on the same computer (IP address) then they might use the same TCP/UDP ports.

Should I use DHCP or static IP addresses ?
UPnP was intended for use with DHCP (a service typically running on your ADSL router that assigns IP address to devices on your home network). Some devices may allow you to set static IP addresses but then care must be taken not to conflict with the range of IP addresses configured for use by DHCP. If you are familiar with IP networks then switching off DHCP on your ADSL router and configuring static IP address everywhere should be fine. Otherwise use DHCP and configure your ADSL router (via its web page) to always assign the same IP address to each device (MAC address) on your network. Some ADSL routers constantly change the IP devices they assign to devices via DHCP but Gizmoot should cope OK, but using static IP addresses might be worthwhile ...

What is a good troubleshooting strategy ?
If Gizmoot doesn't work with a UPnP device then the problem could be caused by Gizmoot, the UPnP device firmware or your WiFi network. Try to identify a repeatable set of steps that make the problem occur. Re-start your ADSL router and use Gizmoot nearby to ensure a good WiFi signal. If the problem persists then try re-starting the UPnP device. Also try rebooting your smart phone/tablet by pressing the power button for 30 seconds. If the problem continues then there might be a bug in Gizmoot or the UPnP device firmware. You might be able to download a more recent firmware for the UPnP device, or a more recent version of Gizmoot to fix the problem. The list of UPnP devices and software that Gizmoot has been tested against should work OK. The Gizmoot settings screens contain a diagnostic screen where diagnostic messages can be sent to the Gizmoot support email address.

Will a UPnP device that isn't on the list of supported devices still work with Gizmoot ?
Gizmoot copes with various interpretations of the UPnP AV standard, and also works known around bugs in the media servers and media renderers. A device that is not on the supported list might work fine with Gizmoot, but then again it might not in which case why not send us some feedback via the option in the settings menu to see if we can help solve the problem ?

How can I force Gizmoot to discover a media server or renderer ?
Some UPnP AV devices do not respond to the search messages sent by Gizmoot which means that Gizmoot cannot discover them unless they send an alive notification. Re-starting your device while Gizmoot is running might force your device to send an alive notification which will be read by Gizmoot and your device should then appear in either the browse list of the list of players. Be sure to switch on the "Remember Devices' settings option so that Gizmoot finds your device next time it is run. Otherwise leave Gizmoot running for 5 minutes until it discovers the player device.

Any tips on setting up XBMC to work with Gizmoot ?
In XBMC under the 'Music..Add source' you must add the directories where your music is stored so XBMC can find them. Same goes for 'Videos' and 'Pictures'. Under the 'Settings..Network..UPnP settings' menu you must enable the UPnP renderer and server. In the same menu under 'Manage UPnP shares' you must also choose which directories (containing your music, videos and pictures) are to be made available by the UPnP media server. In the 'Settings..Network..Event server' menu you must set the 'Allow other computers to connect' option. Also check you don't have another UPnP application running (e.g. EyeConnect) that might already be using the SSDP port.

Why can't I browse the media files on a USB drive attached to my WD TV Live ?
The WD TV Live doesn't share those media files as a UPnP AV media server i.e. you can only browse them using the WD TV Live IR remote control and your TV. The WD TV Live only acts as a UPnP media renderer.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with DLNA TVs ?
DLNA TVs generally play a very limited set of media formats and refuse to play media from the internet via UPnP. A better alternative is to buy an EZCast HDMI stick and insert it in the back of the TV.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with WMP ?
Unders Windows 7 WMP Stream menu enable the 'Allow remote control of my Player/Automatically allow devices to play my media' option. Under 'Share media with devices' enable the 'Stream my pictures, music and videos to all devices on my home network' option. Start WMP while Gizmoot is running and WMP should become available as a player device.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with the iPUSH HDMI stick ?
Use the iPUSH App to configure the iPUSH to use your WiFi network. Gizmoot should then be able to discover and control the iPUSH.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with the EZCast HDMI stick ?
Use the EZCast App to configure the EZCast to use your WiFi network. Gizmoot should then be able to discover and control the EZCast.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with the Pioneer XW-SMA network speakers ?
Start the Gizmoot App on your smart phone or tablet and then switch the XW-SMA off/on. Gizmoot should then be able to discover and control the XW-SMA speaker.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with the Philips A5 Network Speaker ?
Use the AirStudio App to use your WiFi network. Gizmoot should then be able to discover and control the speaker.

What is a feed ?
Gizmoot can display lists of media URLs from feed files read from the internet. The feeds change over time. For example a newspaper might provide a feed of web pages containing the latest news ...

How can I force the LaCie LaCinema to re-scan the media files ?
After copying media files over the network to the LaCie LaCinema hard disk sometimes the LaCinema can stop working correctly e.g. empty media lists when browsing using Gizmoot, cannot play media files. A workaround is to force the LaCinema to re-scan the media files on its hard disk. Using the LaCinema remote control set the 'Settings..Network..Media Server' option to 'off'. Then restart the LaCinema via 'Settings..Shutdown..Restart'. After the LaCinema has rebooted set the 'Settings..Network..Media Server' option to 'on'. Wait until the LaCinema stops rumbling as it scan its hard disk before using for media file playback.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with XBMC or KODI ?
System..Settings..Services..UPnP/DLNA..Allow remote control via UPnP must be enabled.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with Fire TV ?
Install and run the Gizmoot Player App on the Fire TV and then start the Gizmoot App on your Android phone/tablet.

Any tips on using Gizmoot with Android TV ?
Install and run the Gizmoot Player App on the Android TV device and then start the Gizmoot App on your Android phone/tablet.

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