Create and play your own songs using HandyBeat. No knowledge of musical notation is required !

Each song contains one or more tracks. A track contains a single sample or audio recording repeated 1 or more times. A sample contains 1 or more beats. Each beat is a note from an octave with sounds effects applied.

The Beat screen is where you can experiment with beats and save them. Each beat is a note from an octave, with a duration and sound effects.

The Sample screen is where you can combine one or beats into a sample, or record from the smartphone microphone.

The Track screen is where you can add samples or audio recordings to each track in the song. The samples and audio recordings in each track can be moved.

The Song screen is where each new song is created, played and exported to WAVE file.

A user manual is available as a web page.

Help us improve HandyBeat by sending your feedback via email to support@bergin-it.be.

Disclaimer: The sound quality of audio recordings is limited by the hardware of the smartphone.

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