Homr shows you the way back to your home, hotel or car. Avoid the stress of being lost at the end of your trip!

When you depart press the "SET HOME POSITION" button to store your current (home) GPS position. As you move away Homr will show you the direction and distance to your home position.

Homr uses GPS to determine the position of your smart phone. Therefore GPS must be enabled in the Android Settings. The smart phone should be used away from tall building to ensure that a string GPS signal is received from the GPS satellites.

Homr will only work with smart phones that have a heading sensor (magnatometer) because it needs to know the compass heading of your phone. If the green arrow in Homr spins around randomly then your phone probably doesn't have a heading sensor.

The Homr Settings screen allows the distance units type to be chosen e.g. metric. The "SET HOME POSITION" button can also be locked to prevent the home position being accidentally set.

Disclaimer: The data shown in the App is only as accurate as the GPS position and heading data.

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